Powder is Better!

Our Right Hand Laundry Powder is a powder, not a liquid...and we like it that way! Here are the main advantages of using a powder instead of a liquid for laundry needs:

1. Liquids require using preservatives - we avoid them! Avoiding preservatives is our favorite reason to use (or switch to) powdered cleaners. When waters are included in products, they tend to grow molds and bacteria. To avoid this and keep products safe and effective, water-based liquids need a preservative. Many preservatives used in green cleaners, like hexahydro-1,3,5-tris (2-hydroxyethyl)-s-triazine, also known as THT, are derived from petroleum and are known as formaldehyde donors, meaning it's possible for some trace amounts of formaldehyde to occur on the product. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and skin irritant. There are some improved preservatives that are known to be safer, but we like the simplicity of avoiding preservatives altogether when possible. Dry products are much more shelf stable, so we don't use any preservatives. 

2. Powder has a lower shipping weight and smaller size. Another great reason to use powder is it's about a third of the weight and takes up half the space of liquid detergents (on a per-load basis*). This saves both us and our customers money and energy use on shipping costs. When getting it home from the market in a bike bag or schlepping laundry baskets up and down stairs in an apartment building, smaller and lighter is easier to manage. 

3. Powders can help avoid plastic packaging. Many of our customers join us in trying to avoid the use of plastic materials. Plastics can contain phthalates and other undesirable additives, and it does not break down in the environment.  By avoiding plastic when other alternatives exist, we fill up fewer landfills and shorten the cycle time of materials back into nature. Our cardboard and paper canisters, refill bags, and soap wrappers allow us to use recycled paper that can be re-recycled or broken down in compost.

4. Liquids are unnecessary to get the job done. Finally, all of the above reasons sound even better when we remind ourselves that water in laundry detergents and soaps is simply not necessary. Your machine adds water at the start of the laundry cycle. Why would you need us to send you extra water from Chicago?


*Compared 7th Gen Liquid Detergent to Meliora K Right Hand Laundry Powder.

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