Year End Review: 2015 Goals Recap

2015 is over and it’s time to report on how we did in relation to our goals for the year! Some were a great success, some we will be able to meet by trying again in 2015, and some ended up not being a good match for where our company went over the course of the year. We’ll be posting new 2016 goals shortly. See the details below!


Overall: Goals Met: 3 Goals Not Met: 2

  1. $100K in revenue

Did we meet this goal? NO

More information: A mid-year medical issue (thankfully fully resolved) knocked the team off course about halfway through the year. Since our revenue projections rely on continuous growth, we fell short of this goal.

Our revenues did continue to grow over 20% per month and we expect to continue with at least this growth rate towards our new revenue goal in 2016.

  1. Track waste in 2015; eliminate non-recycling/compost waste in 2016 

Did we meet this goal? YES

More information: We physically measured all of the landfill and recycling waste created by our processes for the entire year. Hooray! In 2015, for each thousand dollars in revenue, we sent 3 pounds of waste to the landfill and 14 pounds to the recycling center. That means 82% of our waste was recyclable, with 18% ultimately heading to the landfill.

Meliora K 2015 Waste Results

A large part of our landfill waste was:


        • Packaging Label backing: the labels that go on our packaging currently have a non-recyclable backing. We’ll be on the lookout for other, more environmentally-friendly options in 2016.
        • One-time use safety supplies such as nitrile gloves and dust masks. We will always prioritize safety, but we’ll continue to look for reusable options for safety equipment when possible.


Some items that affected our recycling waste:


        • Our coconut oil for our soap came in smaller plastic tubs, which were not reusable, but were recyclable. This made for a lot of recycling waste. Fortunately, we’ve moved to larger buckets of coconut oil for soap-making. We’re able to reuse these buckets in our production process, which eliminates them from the waste stream. Hooray!! (If you need a REALLY big bucket of Laundry Powder, contact us and we can work something out, too!)
        • We had a rework issue with one of our suppliers, which resulted in a fair amount of scrap cardboard and steel from our canisters. This was a one-time occurrence, which we were able to fix. Hopefully we don’t see spikes from this again :)


In 2016, we’ll continue to track waste and we will have a reduction goal.

  1. Expand to 200 Stores and add subscription services.
Did we meet this goal? NO
Meliora K Products on the Shelf at Sugar Beet Co-op
More information: Like our first goal, the number of stores that carry our products grows continuously. Our lost momentum midyear knocked us off track to complete this goal by the end of 2015. We added several stores in 2015 and expect to be in 200 stores sometime in 2016.
We also did not introduce subscription services in 2015, as our midyear issue caused us to focus on only one aspect (store acquisition and setup) instead of spreading a thin team out and trying to tackle too much with limited resources.
  1. 80% of our products each sell more than 10% of our total sales.

Did we meet this goal? YES

Our current focus on laundry and household cleaning gives us a healthy and profitable mix. We only added one unique item in 2015, our 250 load tub of Laundry Powder. We will continue to carefully choose what products to offer based on what’s safe for human and environmental health and what works to clean in 2016!

  1. Donate at least 2% of sales revenue to sustainable causes.

Did we meet this goal? YES

We actually donated 5.8% of our sales revenues to sustainable causes in 2015!

More information: Our donations have gone to further the work done by Women’s Voices For the Earth, a nonprofit based in Montana. We also proudly support 1% for the Planet and our amazing B Lab partners. We are proud to be a supporter and member of all 3 of these great organizations.


We're proud of our 2015 progress and looking forward to the year ahead. If you have any comments or questions on what we're sharing here, please leave a note below or contact us directly! Welcome to 2016!

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