Meet our affiliate, TidyDad!

We love to feature our affiliate partners who help get the word out about Meliora Cleaning Products. This month, we’re featuring TidyDad!

Tell us about yourself, please!

My name is Tyler Moore, and I’m known on Instagram as Tidy Dad. I am a NYC based father of three and NYC teacher. In June of 2019 I launched to share my personal tidying journey and to share our approach to tidy, simple, joyful living.

I thrive on routine.

I like to wake up early and enjoy the quiet before my girls wake up. I have a weekday cleaning routine and start my days by cleaning one area of the house. Once my girls are up, we enjoy playing together and making breakfast together before the day starts. Mornings are my favorite time of day, and I cherish the time that I have with the girls.

What inspired you to become an advocate for safer cleaning?

I have three girls, ages 5 and under, and they make LOTS of messes. When cleaning those messes, I want to use products that are safe for them because the reality is, they are right under my feet as I’m cleaning.

What’s your favorite Meliora Cleaning Product?

I love Meliora’s Oxygen Brightener.

We recently set up our cottage in Pennsylvania as a short-term rental and we have all white bedding and towels for our guests. The Oxygen Brightener works great as a spot treatment. I mix ½ tsp of the brightener with a splash of water to make a little paste. This helps get out the trickiest of stains! I also add a small capful of the solution into each wash and it helps out linens to remain bright and white!

What’s the cleanest part of your home?

I pride myself on the cleanliness of my baseboards and doors. Baseboard and doors are traps for dust, dirt, and left behind grime. I find the process of cleaning both areas to be so satisfying. I fill a bucket of water with some powdered cleaner and get to work!

If you could get rid of one type of cleaning forever, what would you eliminate?

I would eliminate cleaning bathrooms. There are so many surfaces to clean, so many areas that hide dirt, and I’d just love if my bathroom always looked pristine!

What’s one of the biggest challenges you think we have to overcome to make the world better for people and the planet?

Lack of empathy for others is one of the biggest challenges we have to overcome. As a society we are so quick to judge others without stopping to consider what it might be like to walk a day in that person’s shoes. All too often we remain in our own comfortable bubbles without thinking about how our actions might impact others.

If you were made up of 3 ingredients, what would be on your label?

  • Sugar - I have an insatiable sweet tooth
  • Sprinkles - I love to add a simple pops of joy to even the most ordinary of life’s moments
  • Seltzer water - I like to think that I have a bubby (and sometimes fizzy) personality

What gif would you say represents you best?


You can learn more about TidyDad on his site or follow him on Instagram!