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Meliora Cleaning Products has been a big fan of MightyNest, a fellow Illinois company, for years now. Based on our experiences, we think you’ll love them just as much as we do!

Who’s MightyNest?

MightyNest is a site that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy natural, organic and non-toxic products all in one place. All of the products they sell are free from known toxic ingredients such as: BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Flame retardants, Parabens and more. 

Their dream is for MightyNest to become a place where people feel motivated and empowered, not discouraged and judged; somewhere people feel encouraged to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. We feel the same here at Meliora Cleaning Products and like MightyNest, we all truly believe that simple changes bring mighty impact.

About their history

It all started when Kristin and Chris, the founders of MightyNest, had their first child. The reality that their decisions impacted another human being forced them to take a closer look at the products they were using in their home. And they were startled to find that many of the products they used every day contained potentially harmful chemicals and had unnecessary risks associated with them. Upon learning this, they became determined to find out all they could about bottles, toys, mattresses, cleaning supplies, diapers and more. Unfortunately, the process of scouring the Web and separating fact from fiction was frustrating, discouraging and nearly impossible between diaper changes and midnight feedings. 

After years of doing their own research, they agreed there had to be a better way; a way to help people who don’t have the time to dedicate to research, but who care just as deeply for their health and their family's health; a place where parents can go to research and buy safe, healthy products all in one place. So they rounded up a few of their old friends, made a few new ones and 18 months and another baby later…MightyNest was born!

Their eco-friendly pledge

MightyNest’s goal is to make it easier for families to create a healthy home. Each of their products has been thoroughly researched to be free of worrisome chemicals and hand-picked for its quality and design. There’s never any BPA, phthalates or lead in any of the products they share. 

Every product they sell is hand-selected by the founders and extensively screened for maximum safety so you don’t have to second-guess your purchases. They also interview every single manufacturer about their ingredients, processes and safety training.

We absolutely love supporting and promoting other eco-friendly companies that prioritize low environmental footprints and support transparency in their ingredients and manufacturing processes. Especially those located nearby! If you have other favorites we should check out, let us know! You can message us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on our website.

(And a special shout-out to Cynthia Prangl, the Buyer at MightyNest - we’re thrilled to be her favorite product on the site!)

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