Single Material Packaging for Meliora Cleaning Products!

We are proud to announce that our packaging for our Laundry Powder and Oxygen Brightener is now made from a single material: paper!

Ever since we founded Meliora Cleaning Products in 2013, we’ve always worked to make better products using better packaging. We want to make everything as people- and planet-friendly as we possibly can. 

For years, the canisters for Laundry Powder and Oxygen Brightener have been made of steel and cardboard, which meant some people had to pull the metal end caps off the canister to properly recycle the container. It wasn’t perfect, but we felt it was much better than single-use plastic jugs or pouches.



Our new paper packaging is recyclable in more locations. We’ve always wanted single-material packaging and now we’ve grown enough to make it happen - creating easier recycling for many! The new single-material canisters are now shipping out with Oxygen Brightener and 128 HE (64 Standard) Load Unscented Laundry Powder for purchases made from our website. You will start to see the new canisters on store shelves and on other Laundry Powder scents as we move forward.

“Meliora means better” isn’t just a line we use. It’s also a goal - to strive to be better today than we were yesterday. It’s important to us to keep improving things, and this product improvement is one we are very proud of.

The containers are still refillable - once you get to the bottom of the canister, you can refill it, recycle it, compost it, or even chuck it in your fireplace! It’s your call.

Our sleek new canisters use 45% less packaging than before. This smaller, more efficient packaging will appear more full. However, we’ve kept the weight of the products the same: 35 oz. for our Laundry Powder and 32 oz. for our Oxygen Brightener. 

We’re continuously trying to improve and after much effort to find and test the new all-cardboard package, our new canisters are finally here. 

We cannot wait to share these with you all!

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