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Company News - 2017 Goals: 6 Month Check-Up

2017 Company News Goals Meliora K

  It's hard to believe it's been over 6 months since 2017 started. We've been busy at all sorts of things this year. Some were amazing and fun, some where challenging, and some were downright exhausting. But here we are, halfway through the year. It's a perfect time to check in on how we're doing for our goals. Let's take a look: Overall, we're doing pretty good. We knocked off our "Tours" goal already, but you're still more than welcome to stop in and check out what we do anytime. Send us a note and schedule a tour today! Sales...

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Company News - 2017 Goals

2017 Company News Goals

We did well in 2016, but as our name says, we can always get better. Here are our goals for 2017. As always, we look at our goals like we do everything else, from our triple-bottom-line approach of People, Planet, and Profit. We've already started tracking these goals for 2017, and plan to give an update on this blog post a time or two during the rest of 2017. ~Mike

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