The Meliora Cleaning Products Seasonal Scent Chart of 2020!

We’re proud to announce our seasonal scent release calendar for 2020! 

20202 Meliora Cleaning Products seasonal scent release calendar

For over half a decade, Meliora Cleaning Products has annually published our seasonal scents chart for our soaps - we usually do them by the seasons and on the equinox, we change our supplies over. 

For this year:

  • Our spring scent is Hops (specifically, Cascade hops)
  • Our summer scent is Lemongrass
  • Our fall scent is Earl Grey Tea with Bergamot
  • Our NEW winter scent is TBD

Our winter scent is TBD because, due to popular request, we have now made our Peppermint scent available year-round! We now have three full year-round scents: unscented (yes, this is an oxymoron), lavender, and peppermint. Thanks to your help and support, we’ve been able to expand our permanent offerings. Thank you!

We’ll be posting more soon about our fun new hops soap for this spring. We’ll be offering it until supplies run out - they’ll go until they’re gone. 

In our opinion, breweries and restaurants shouldn’t get to be the only companies out there experimenting with new stuff and getting people’s feedback. We would be thrilled to know your thoughts on our scentsational experiments! (see what we did there?) Who knows, maybe your favorite seasonal scent will become available year-round someday.

Just a reminder - all of our bars have the same base of coconut oil and sunflower oil. If you’d like to learn more about these ingredients, you can read about them here. And as always, all of our soaps and products are all MADESAFE Certified.

If you’ve got thoughts or opinions on our scents for this year, let us know on our social channels, please! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; you can also just shoot us a message from our website. Thank you for your support and helping advance planet- and people-friendly cleaning products!

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