Cleaning Products Right to Know Act

This article originally posted April 24, 2014 on our tumblr blog   Recently, Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) introduced the Cleaning Product Right to Know Act into Congress. Women’s Voices for the Earth has a good summary of what the bill entails, and if enacted it will mean more transparency for consumers.  At Meliora K, we already fully disclose all of our ingredients, and we would like to see more transparency from other cleaning products companies.  That’s why we support this bill. Think for a moment about buying a new food product at the grocery store. If you care about the...

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The Purpose of Business is to Make Money

This article originally posted May 1, 2014 on our tumblr blog   I heard this phrase again for the 4325rd time today, in a webinar geared towards assisting young engineers with their entrepreneurial aspirations. I’ve always disagreed with this sentiment, but to tell it to a group of young people with serious problem-solving chops, that have spent a recent four years creating multistory beer bongs out of various items from Home Depot strikes me as especially silly. If I walked onto the UIUC campus in the middle of the night during Engineering Open House and tried to insist that the...

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A Better Way to Disinfect a Sponge

This article originally posted June 2, 2014 on our tumblr blog   Do you use a sponge for handwashing dishes? How quickly does it get really, really disgusting?    The standard advice for this problem is to get the sponge wet and put it in the microwave for a minute or two.There’s nothing particularly wrong with that, as it will certainly get the job done. However, something about not seeing the magic happen, and the occasional result of drying up the dirty sponge because of leaving it in too long, is unsatisfying. Many people end up using bleach to really feel like...

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