All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL
All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL
All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL

All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL

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Meliora Cleaning Products' All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL is an people- and planet-friendly way to clean the hard surfaces in your home. 1 tablespoon of the All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL is all it takes to recharge the GLASS spray bottle. You'll get 2 bottles of All-Purpose Home Cleaner out of the travel tube REFILL (or take it with you camping!).

The 4 ounce cardboard/steel canister provides up to 18 bottles of All-Purpose Home Cleaner.

Your All-Purpose Home Cleaner REFILL can also be used in many other household cleaning recipes and mixed with water for that old cleaning standby "soap and water." Check out our Recipes page for more tips and tricks.

Full Ingredient List: Vegetable Soap [Sodium Cocoate, Glycerin, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Water]

Net Weight 0.5 oz. for the 2-Load tub or 4 oz. for the 18-refill canister




Nerd Alert: More Detailed Information On Ingredients: 

Coconut Oil is the base vegetable oil used for our soap. Using only coconut oil results in a long-lasting, hard bar that is great for cleaning. 

Sodium Cocoate: This is the chemical name of saponified (that is, 'made into soap') coconut oil. It's the chemical that grabs onto both dirt and water to do the cleaning.

Glycerin: This substance is chemically a type of alcohol and is naturally created when the oil is converted into soap. Glycerin is known for skin-softening abilities and is an effective solvent, meaning it can dissolve substances such as stains and dirts. 

Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil: There is a small amount of coconut oil left in the soap after conversion to sodium cocoate. This is because we use sodium hydroxide, or lye, in the conversion process and leaving excess oil ensures there is no remaining lye in the finished product. Some soapmakers refer to this as 'superfatting' and more oil remaining results in a softer, more moisturizing bar. Our coconut soap bars have only a small amount of excess oil, so they are not the luxurious body bar type and more of a 'get the job done' bar.

Water: Water is used in the soapmaking process as a substance that dissolves lye and then is a medium so the lye can reach all of the oil to react. After being useful in this process, the water is allowed to evaporate from the soap over a period of several weeks, and the resulting dried bar has very little water. There is only about 5% water remaining in the finished bars, thus making them more shelf stable than a liquid soap that would require a preservative due to the high (about 60%) water. 

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