A note about COVID-19


UPDATE (April 8th, 2020)We partnered with FEW Spirits and have worked very hard over the past few weeks to create an FDA-compliant facility to now offer Hand Sanitizer at-cost.

We've given away our first batch to essential local facilities in Chicago, including fire departments and grocery stores. If you'd like to purchase from our future batches or donate bottles, you can view more information here.

We are not intending to make a profit on our Hand Sanitizer, merely break even and help ease the demand and price-gouging going on with our own price-mending approach.


As fellow citizens of this planet, your health and safety are of utmost importance.

You’ve likely seen the news that cleaning supplies are selling out throughout the country. We’re continuing with production at our Chicago, IL facility for as long as we all feel everyone is safe.

We’ve granted our staff as much time away from work as is necessary in the event anything happens with them or their loved ones without risking their jobs. Health always comes first. If you’re unable to venture out, you can still get our products delivered to your door through our website or online retail partners.

With demand surging beyond anyone’s expectations, we can’t guarantee that every item will stay in stock, but you can be sure that we are doing everything we can to maintain inventory levels. Our supply chain is intact, and we have not seen disruption to date.

While other retailers are raising prices on in-demand items, we will never engage in surge pricing. That is most definitely not people-friendly and we will never participate in such tactics.

We value transparency and information, so here are some things we found to be educational and interesting about COVID-19 and how we all must work together to keep things under control:

  • The CDC’s list of things we can do is simple and clear. The first one is very easy: WASH YOUR HANDS REGULARLY WITH SOAP AND WATER. If you’re tired of singing Happy Birthday, here are some Prince lyrics to hum along instead.

  • Want to understand how soap helps prevent the spread? This amazing Futurism article explains it. Soap’s amphiphilic structure helps it attack the walls of the virus.

  • Not sure what “flattening the curve” means? This article from Vox does a great job explaining it easily. It’s all about helping the healthcare professionals do their job to control the spread of the virus.

Thank you for being a part of our community and understanding that even the small efforts one person does to slow down the spread does make a difference.

Keep calm and wash on,

Kate & Mike