We Want to Help Everyone Learn

One of our goals is for everyone to learn something about how to clean better. There are lots of ways to do that, but one is to host or attend a workshop on this topic. We currently have two in-person workshops available for those looking to learn more and have fun talking about cleaning. Contact us if you're near the Chicago area and we can come talk to your group, class, or office about Green Cleaning and Soapmaking. Kate, our founder, is amazing at making things that seem complex easy to understand for anyone.
Green Cleaning 101
Soapmaking 101

Amazing Groups We Love to Learn From!

Finding reliable, science-supported sources for information on household chemical safety can be difficult. Here are some organizations that we have found to be helpful, we hope you will check them out yourself.
Women’s Voices for the Earth
  • WVE helps identify companies and products that avoid toxic chemicals with their No Secrets campaign
  • WVE also publishes studies on dangerous chemicals found in products and leads campaigns to make change. Check out their Detox The Box campaign about chemicals in feminine care products!
  • Like them on facebook to start getting good tips and alerts about their activities
Environmental Working Group