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Is it time to green your laundry? A testimonial

This article originally posted March 28, 2014 on our tumblr blog


We often get feedback from new customers about our product, and we really love to hear what you like and the suggestions you have to make our products even better. Today we heard a lovely story from J.A. about making the leap to green laundry. We’ll let her tell it:

"Over the years, I’ve ‘greened’ many aspects of my household cleaning products, from dish soap to cleaning spray.  But I always held out on the laundry detergent.  To me, the smell of Tide was just synonymous with clean clothes.  I never thought I would switch.  But then I got a sample of Meliora K laundry soap and decided to try it.  I used it with one load of whites washed in hot water and one load of colors washed in cold.  And I was amazed!!  The clothes came out smelling so clean and fresh.  It felt even better than Tide because I knew that it wasn’t just a result of some synthetic fragrance, but had to be just because the clothes actually WERE so clean!  I have just bought two bags of the Meliora K Right Hand Laundry soap and once my current bottle of Tide is gone, I don’t think I will ever go back.  Thank you Meliora K for helping me green a really important aspect of my home cleaning!"

Thanks J.A.! Your soap is on the way and we know you’ll keep loving it!