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Bulk Buckets

Clean your clothes and your home without plastic waste or harsh chemicals! Our bulk buckets are a zero-waste solution for heavy cleaners. When you use up the powder, we'll take the bucket back and re-use it for the next person.

Return your empty bucket with the pre-paid return shipping label.

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Zero-Waste Bucket Return Program

Our zero-waste bulk bucket program is an eco-friendly option for heavy cleaners. We eliminate packaging waste by loading 40 pounds of powder into a reusable 5-gallon bucket. When you run out of powder, send the empty bucket back to us and we’ll wash and reuse it.

Your bucket purchase includes shipping both ways—from our Chicago factory to you and back again. Each bucket comes in a cardboard box with a pre-paid shipping label, so it's easy to send it back!

  • Zero-Waste Laundry Bucket Program – We Ship to You

    We ship you a 5-gallon bucket

    Enjoy 40 pounds of zero-waste powder! Each bucket has a screw-top lid for easy opening and reclosing.

  • Zero-Waste Laundry Bucket Program – You Ship It Back

    You send the empty bucket back

    Keep the cardboard box the bucket comes in. When you run out of powder, just put the empty bucket back in the box and apply the pre-paid shipping label.

  • Zero-Waste Laundry Bucket Program – We Clean and Reuse

    We clean and reuse the bucket

    We receive the empty buckets, clean them thoroughly, and reuse them for another happy, people- and planet-friendly home. Nothing gets thrown away!