We are continually updating this page with the most common information requests we hear from you. And if you don't see an answer to your question below, please contact us!

Melly-orrah? Mell-yourah? How do you say that name?

Meliora is pronounced "meh-lee-OR-ah." It also sounds a little like the creative spellings above. Meliora is a Latin word that means "better." You might recognize it as part of the English word "ameliorate", which means "to make better." Picking Meliora Cleaning Products as our name shows that we want to do things better, both compared to the status quo and also striving to make ourselves better each day. 

Are your products vegan?

Yes! We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients. If you follow our recipes on your own, be sure to use our Soap Flakes or vegetable-based soap to make your own flakes. Many soaps contain tallow (often listed as sodium tallowate).

Do you use animal testing?

Goodness, no. We stick to ingredients we understand and we test our products ourselves. We don't have the a cruelty-free stamp yet, but we're looking into getting it soon.

Can I use this in my HE washer?

Yes! The laundry soap is low-sudsing, so it works well in HE machines.  If you are using our Laundry Powder in a HE machine, use half a scoop - just 1/2 tablespoon - for each load.  That's it - less water in your machine means you need less Laundry Powder.

I have a septic tank. Can I use your products?

Yes! There are no ingredients in any of our products that would interfere with the normal operation of your septic tank. We use all biodegradable ingredients, and no disinfectant or antimicrobials that could kill off the bacteria in the tank.

Click here for one short and good resource from our really smart friends at Cornell that we used when doing this research, in case you would like to reference it yourself.

We don’t recommend pouring large amounts of our powder, or any cleaner, down your drain. Normal use amounts, per the instructions on the packaging, should be fine.

I've got hard water. What do I do?

Hard water is "hard" because of higher levels of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium (here's an awesome map of water harness levels across the US).

The reason we have Washing Soda (sodium bicarbonate) in our Laundry Powder is to fight against hard water. Washing Soda acts as a "booster" because of its water softening effects: by softening the water, fewer Calcium and Magnesium ions interact with the soap in the detergent and therefore the soap can do its job to clean, rather than get caught up in soap scum and hard water deposits.

How much the Washing Soda "softens" the water depends on how hard your water is. We've seen some people with *really* hard water need to add even more washing soda to their laundry, directly into the washer, to cut through the minerals in their water.

Why doesn’t it foam up like regular detergent?

Conventional detergent contains chemicals that are added especially to create these sudsy bubbles. They may look nice, but suds don’t do anything to get your clothes clean, so we skip them. As a bonus, this low-sudsing property makes this recipe great for using in High Efficiency (HE) washers!

Can I use your Soap Bar on my skin?

Our Soap Bar is formulated to clean your house and grate easily.  As a result, it's not as moisturizing as a typical body bar.  However, it's soap - and soap cleans just about everything, including your body.

What are these fancy labels on your site and packaging?

Certification labels are one way to make sure the products you are using actually are what they say. Examples are the 1% For the Planet logo, and our Certified B Corporation logo. Both demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility, giving back, and practicing stable long term business operations that consider not only our shareholder financial gain, but create environmental and social benefits. We will consider other third party certifications as appropriate to ensure our products and procedures follow best practices in our industry.