... Sustainability – Meliora Cleaning Products


At Meliora Cleaning Products, we follow our Big Three guidelines:

  • Our products WORK to get your home and clothes clean
  • They're PEOPLE-FRIENDLY, so you know it's okay to have them around your home and your family.
  • They're PLANET-FRIENDLY, so you can be confident that what goes down your drain won't cause any problems.

All of our products are made and distributed with the utmost care for the health of our customers as well as our concern for the environmental impact of our products. Our entire product line is single-use plastic-free, and we offer refills for many of our products, like our Laundry Powder and All-Purpose Cleaner. We also provide package-free options where possible to help reduce your impact (and ours) on the planet.

To learn more about how we measure and evaluate our impact on the world around us, we invite you to read our 2020 Sustainability Report here:

Our 2019 Sustainability Report is here:

Meliora Cleaning Products Sustainability Report 2019