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Full Ingredient Lists

Full Ingredient Lists can currently be found under the description of each product on our online store. In the meantime, here's a list of EVERY ingredient used across our entire product line. Whoa!


Soap is where it all starts. It's the engine or our cleaning machine. Soap LOVES oil (and therefore dirts, greases, etc.) and it LOVES water. Since oil and water aren't exactly best buds, soap brings them together to help you clean quick, easy, and without any harmful chemical residue.

 Environmental Working Group (EWG) Grade for Vegetable Soap: A

You can use any fat out there to make soap - anything from beef tallow to the fat of, um, other animals (insert unauthorized link to "Fight Club"), or even vegetation can be turned into soap. It's called saponification, and it's really cool to talk about. Stop by and we'll let you make some soap yourself!

We use organic coconut oil for our soap. It makes a great, hard soap that's ideal for cleaning all around the home. It also breaks into tiny pieces really well for Soap Flakes and Laundry Powder. This lets the soap dissolve a lot better than big, soft chunks - even in cold water!

Baking Soda

Where we all learned how cool baking soda can be (photo authorized for reuse courtesy @

Most of us first learned about baking soda around the 3rd grade when we made a huge mess in science class. It was amazing, yet we really didn't know how versatile baking soda can really be.

We use it in our Laundry Powder for another common home purpose - deodorizing. Sometimes clothes get a little funky, and baking soda helps pull that smell out of them during the wash.

 Environmental Working Group (EWG) Grade for Baking Soda: A

    Washing Soda

    Washing Soda: It looks boring, but it does cool things. (photo courtesy wikipedia)

    Washing soda is pretty cool. It's very similar, chemically, to baking soda (sodium carbonate to baking soda's sodium bicarbonate), but it does something entirely different. Washing soda acts as a "booster," helping the soap and water mixture in your washing machine get deeper between the individual strands in your clothes. This "boost" gets your clothes cleaner than plain ol' soap and water could on their own. We'd call it our secret ingredient....but we keep telling you it's in all our Laundry Powder.


     Environmental Working Group (EWG) Grade for Washing Soda: A

    Still want to know more about washing soda? Click here for some really detailed, technical information. Not for the easily bored or those short on time. 

    Safety Data Sheets

    Safety Data Sheets, often known as SDS or MSDS Sheets, are a source of product ingredient and safety information. You can also find information on proper storage and how to treat any contact with the skin, eyes, or mouth/nose. SDS sheets are available for all products:

    Laundry Powder, Unscented

    Laundry Powder, Scented

    Soap (Bars, Sticks, Flakes)


    We work with well-reputed organizations to provide an objective rating of our products and ingredients. 

    Whole Foods Market Eco-Scale - All Products have a GREEN rating. (1, 2)

    MADESAFE - All products are certified MADESAFE.