Save with Bundles

Our bundles offer savings of 5% or more compared to buying each product separately! They’re a great way to stock up or try new products.

Clean your clothes, your home, and your body without plastic waste or harsh chemicals! Our sustainable cleaning products are better for the planet without compromising on cleaning power.

All our products are single-use plastic-free and made with non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging, meaning they’re safe for you, your family, your home, and the planet.


      Everything You Need to Clean (Nothing You Don’t)

      We use only what you need to clean your clothes, your home, and your body. That means safe, effective ingredients and sustainable, single-use plastic-free packaging. 

      No harsh chemicals, no hidden plastic, no secret ingredients. Nothing known or suspected to harm people or the planet.

      Safe, Non-Toxic Ingredients

      Our non-toxic cleaning products are made from a short list of ingredients including baking soda, washing soda, sodium percarbonate, various forms of soap made from coconut and sunflower oil, and glycerin formed as a byproduct of soapmaking.

      All our products are MADE SAFE® certified, meaning they meet the strictest ingredient screening requirement in the industry.

      You can find the ingredient list for each product on the label, the product page, and our Ingredients page.

      Plastic-Free, Eco-Friendly Packaging

      All our products are free of single-use plastic and many are completely plastic-free. Most of our packaging is reusable and we offer zero-waste and low-waste refill options.

      By making concentrated powders, solid soap bars, and refill tablets, we eliminate the need for added preservatives or unnecessary plastic, like single-use plastic bottles, hidden liners, or PVA pods and sheets.

      You can find the packaging materials used for each product on the product page and our Packaging page.