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2021 Pricing Adjustments

2021 Pricing Adjustments

Since the beginning, we’ve had a triple-bottom-line approach to how we run Meliora Cleaning Products. This means we consider the impact our business and products have on the people and planet, not just profit, as we strive to run a successful and sustainable company. It’s been hard, but worth the challenges we’ve faced. Your kind words and support by buying our products prove we’re on the right track.

We've always aimed to offer products at a great price point. We've held our prices steady for the past 8 years with a combination of growth and smart buying. However, the last 18 months have strained every aspect of our supply chain. Costs have gone up – substantially – on just about everything we use to run our business. We’ve absorbed as much as we could, but we’ve finally hit the point where we’re forced to do the thing we hate to do – raise some of our prices.

We don’t do this lightly. We feel it shouldn’t cost more to clean better. However, in order to be a leader in our industry and advocate for transparency and a better way to do business, we have to keep our doors open. Slightly raising our prices wasn’t our favorite decision, but it’s a necessary one.

Thank you for your continued support as we all continue to do our part to make this place a little better for everyone around us. We could not do what we’ve done today, or tomorrow, without you.


Kate Jakubas, Founder   

Meliora Cleaning Products