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How to Use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

How to Use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub — Meliora Cleaning Products

For the tougher stains in your house, from greasy stovetops to mildewed grout, you need a cleaner that can get the job done. A combination of baking soda and vegetable soap is strong enough to clean those hard surfaces — no harsh chemicals needed! We’ve compiled a guide of how-tos and FAQs to help you use our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub.

How to use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is easy to use, and a little goes a long way with the help of warm water and added friction from scrubbing. For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Only use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub on compatible surfaces
  2. Wet the surface you want to clean with warm water
  3. Sprinkle a small amount of cleaning powder directly onto the surface
  4. Scrub the powdered surface with a wet sponge, brush, or cloth
  5. Rinse the surface with warm water
  6. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth or rag until fully dry

We’ll walk through each of these steps in more detail.

Only use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub on compatible surfaces

Our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub works best on hard surfaces that are resistant to scratches and other abrasions, such as stainless steel appliances, stovetops, and porcelain and ceramic tiles. It is not safe for use on natural or sealed stone or non-stick cookware. We strongly recommend testing the cleaner on a hidden spot with treated or delicate surfaces such as stained wood, painted walls, and fabrics.

Here is a complete list of surfaces you can clean with our products.

Wet the surface with warm water

Water activates the baking soda and soap in the powder and helps to create a lather to more easily scrub the surface. Depending on the surface you’re cleaning, there may be a few ways to get it wet:

Sinks and tubs

Run water from the faucet to wet the bottom of the sink or tub. Then use the shower head or sink sprayer to spray the sides. If your sink doesn’t have a sprayer head, you can use a sponge or brush to spread the water around during the cleaning process.

Stovetops, countertops, and other flat surfaces

You can either use a spray bottle filled with warm water or soak a clean cloth or towel, then wring it out over the surface.

Tiles, toilets, and other vertical surfaces

Similar to flat surfaces, you can wet vertical surfaces by spraying them with water or rubbing them with a soaked cloth or sponge, pressing down to release some of the excess water.

Wet the Surface Before Using Cleaning Powder — Meliora Cleaning Products

Sprinkle cleaning powder onto the surface

Start with a small amount of powder. A little goes a long way, and you want to dissolve as much of the powder as possible to make cleanup easier. You can always add more powder as you go.

First, remove the lid. Then hold the can at a slight angle above the wet surface and shake it gently back and forth to sprinkle the powder. You can also use a spoon to scoop a small amount of powder and shake it gently to distribute it.

Sprinkle Cleaning Scrub on Wet Surface — Meliora Cleaning Products

Scrub the powdered surface

Wet a sponge, brush, or cloth and rub it over the powder, using a circular motion to dissolve the powder and create a light lather. Spread the lather around the entire surface, scrubbing vigorously on any soiled areas to lift away dirt and grime. Add more powder and water as needed.

Scrub the Surface with Cleaning Powder — Meliora Cleaning Products

Rinse the surface with warm water

When you’re finished scrubbing the surface, use any of the methods from step 1 to rinse the surface with water. If you’re cleaning a tub, sink, or other surface with a drain, you can rinse away the soap. Otherwise, you want to add more water to help wipe up the soapy residue.

Wipe the surface until clean and dry

If you used a cloth or rag to clean the surface, you can use it to wipe up the soap. Just rinse it with warm water and wring it out. Otherwise, grab a clean cloth or towel. 

Wipe away as much of the soapy water and powder as you can, then rinse out the cloth under the faucet. Wring out any excess water, then repeat until all of the soap is removed.

Once the surface is clean and mostly dry, use a clean, dry cloth or towel to wipe up any remaining moisture. Keep wiping until the surface is completely dry for a streak-free finish. If you see streaks on the dry surface, you can rub them away with a dry cloth.

Wipe Away Powder After Scrubbing — Meliora Cleaning Products

Use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub with All-Purpose Home Cleaner for a complete cleaning solution

Our All-Purpose Home Cleaner spray is a perfect pair with our cleaning powder. These solid soap refill tablets dissolve in water to create an effective all-purpose cleaning spray without the need for plastic bottles. It works great on many surfaces that are too delicate for the Gentle Home Cleaner Scrub, such as natural stone countertops and wood floors.

How to clean a toilet bowl with Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

Cleaning your toilet bowl is simple with Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub. Just sprinkle a small amount of powder directly into the toilet bowl, then use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the bowl. The water will activate the powder and create a soapy solution that can scrub away any buildup. When you’re finished, you can flush the toilet with peace of mind knowing that baking soda and vegetable soap are safer for plumbing, septic systems, and the environment.

How to open the Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub container

Our plastic-free Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub container is packaged in a paper canister with steel ends. To open it, follow these steps:

  1. Cut the adhesive tab that connects the lid to the can
  2. Loosen the lid slightly
  3. Open the lid from one side to remove

Let’s break that down:

Start by gently cutting the adhesive tab that holds the lid in place using a table knife.

Cut the Adhesive Tab — Meliora Cleaning Products

Holding the can by the bottom end, you can then loosen the lid slightly by running a table knife along the edge between the lid and the can. Don’t press too hard during this step, as there is nothing to cut other than the adhesive tab and you don’t want to damage the canister.

Loosen the Lid of the Cleaning Powder — Meliora Cleaning Products

Firmly grasp the can in one hand. With your other hand, grab the lid from above, using your fingertips to grip the edges. Gently pull upward with your fingertips, using your thumb as a lever to open the lid on one side. From there, you should be able to easily remove the lid and set it aside.

Remove the Cleaning Scrub Lid — Meliora Cleaning Products

Once you’re done using the scrub, put the lid back on the canister and press down gently to close it.

How to store Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub can be stored in the paper-and-steel canister it comes in or in the container of your choice. It does not expire. However, if exposed to moisture or humidity, the powder can harden and clump up. This does not reduce its effectiveness, but it should be broken up or crumbled back into a powder before use. If you plan to store cleaning powder in a humid environment, we recommend using an airtight container, such as a hinged jar with a rubber gasket. For heavy cleaners, our zero-waste Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub bucket is a great bulk option that includes a resealable lid.

How to recycle Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub packaging

Once you run out of Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub, you can recycle the canister. The uncoated paper can, paper label, and steel ends are all recyclable.

Paper is a highly recyclable material accepted by recycling services in most communities. Wet, greasy, or food-stained paper cannot be recycled, so if your box has gotten particularly soiled you may not be able to recycle it.

In the recycling process, steel is typically sorted using magnets and then heated, so any paper that is attached to it will be burned in the furnace rather than recycled. To ensure that everything gets sorted and recycled properly, we recommend separating the steel bottom from the paper using scissors, a boxcutter, or a utility knife.

Frequently-asked questions about using Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub

What surfaces can I clean with Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub?

Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is effective on most hard surfaces, including stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic tiles, and stovetops. It is not intended for use on natural, sealed stone, or non-stick cookware. We recommend testing any potentially delicate surfaces in an inconspicuous area before cleaning fully.

Find a complete list of surfaces you can clean with our products.

Does Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub contain harsh chemicals?

No! Our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is made with baking soda and coconut oil-based soap. It is free of bleach, chlorine, dyes, preservatives, and other harsh chemicals commonly used in cleaning powders. The scented variety is made with organic essential oils, not synthetic fragrances. All our products are MADE SAFE® certified, meaning they meet the strictest ingredient screening requirement in the industry.

Can I use Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub with a septic tank?

Yes! There are no ingredients in our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub that would interfere with the normal operation of your septic tank. We use all biodegradable ingredients and no antimicrobials that could kill off the bacteria in the tank. All of our products are septic-safe except for Oxygen Brightener, which includes oxidizers that kill bacteria. 

Does Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub expire?

No! Our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is naturally shelf-stable and does not contain preservatives. 

Preservatives are “natural or synthetic compounds that help slow or prevent bacterial growth in a wide range of products, including foods, medicines and personal care products.” Bacterial growth is common in products that have water as a primary ingredient, such as liquids and gels. All of our products are concentrated dry powders or solid soaps that do not require added preservatives.

Does Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub contain preservatives?

No! Our preservative-free Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub does not expire and is naturally shelf-stable. 

While you may notice the powder clumping in really humid environments, this will not hinder the effectiveness at all. Simply break the clump apart before using the powder.

Is Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub safe for use on baby items?

Yes, our products are recommended by the Getting Ready For Baby guide as well as the MADE SAFE® Healthy Pregnancy Guide.

Is Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub safe for pets?

Yes, our Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub is safe for pet items. We strongly recommend using our Unscented Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub, since dogs and other pets are especially sensitive to scents and some essential oils.