Are items from Meliora Cleaning Products organic?

We received a request recently for more information about the organic nature of Meliora Cleaning Products.

The short answers on "natural" and "organic" follow:

Natural: this term isn't regulated, there is no good way to decide if a product is truly natural and many, many, many companies claim to have natural products. This term is essentially meaningless, so we try to avoid using it.

Organic: on the other hand, this term IS very well-regulated. It means specifically that a product that has undergone growth and processing under organic standards, such as maintaining soil fertility through specific cultivation practices and not using genetic engineering with farming practices. 

However, organic refers only to agricultural practices. This means that plant-based ingredients like coconut oil can be organic, but mineral-based things like salt, baking soda, etc. cannot be organic. 

Since our products contain a lot of mineral ingredients, the label “organic” would not apply since they aren't grown/agricultural-based. Therefore, we don't use this as a marketing term for any of our products.

What we DO use for ingredient screening is a third-party certification called MADESAFE. MADESAFE is more relevant than most terms and focuses on SAFE ingredients, which is what most people are looking for with the terms “natural” and “organic.”