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Meet our affiliate, Tasha Tindall!

Meet our affiliate, Tasha Tindall!

We love to feature our affiliate partners who help get the word out about Meliora Cleaning Products. This month, we’re featuring Tasha Tindall!

Tell us about yourself, please!

Hi there! My name is Tasha Tindall and the first time I considered a healthier lifestyle was when my mom began buying organic in the early 2000s. I thought it was such a waste of money, so I sought out to prove her wrong only to have a massive change in perspective. From that day, I had a passion for health, be it food or lower tox products - I was going to learn and share with others everything I could. 

With a background in Mechanical Engineering - I picked up a few habits in college that would serve me well on this path. I'm quite a few years removed from college now, served my time in the corporate world, and am now following my passion for health.

What led you to Meliora Cleaning Products?

It was clear that avoiding pesticides and purchasing products processed with less toxic chemicals (as far as ingestion goes) was only the first step for me. Safer cleaning was now a priority. Over the years, finding these products has become easier as companies such as Meliora Cleaning Products began recognizing the giant hole in the market that loads of people were begging to be filled.

While Meliora Cleaning Products makes a number of products their laundry powder makes my "Gold Standard" list. This is a hard list to come to be on; some EWG verified products are still a bit too risky (in my opinion) - so this is quite an accomplishment.

What’s a sustainable product you love from another company?

A favorite sustainable product for me right now is my Purify You glass water bottle because it saves me from purchasing plastic or glass that I'll be throwing in the trash after a single use. It also has a silicone sleeve that helps you track your water consumption, which is a fantastic added bonus.

Ooh, that’s neat. Which part of your home would you say is the cleanest?

The cleanest part of my home is usually my kitchen island. When things are a mess, I know if I clean this one area - I'll feel a lot less anxiety building.

If you could get rid of one type of cleaning forever, what would you eliminate?

I'd hands down eliminate doing dishes, I do believe. When my husband does them I want to marry him all over again! Lucky for me, he often takes on that house chore.

What’s one of the biggest challenges you think we have to overcome to make the world better for people and the planet?

I think one of the biggest challenges we have to overcome to make the world better for people and the planet is ourselves. It seems to be human nature to first be defensive. If we could instead look inward and be more open minded - we may find it easier to make changes towards a better future.

If you were made up of 3 ingredients, what would be on your label?

My 3 ingredients would 100% be: water, avocadoes + hot sauce.

What gif would you say represents you best?


You can learn more about Tasha on her site or follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!