The MADESAFE Healthy Pregnancy Guide

We're thrilled to announce that the Health Pregnancy Guide by MADESAFE and the Plastic Pollution Coalition is here. This guide is great for current and expecting parents looking to create a safe, toxic-free environment for their families. You can get a copy for free - check it out!

You can find us in the guide in a few sections, like the Cleaning & Laundry section and the Bathroom section. We also love this high-level overview of the top concerns in home cleaning products:

Concerns for home cleaning products

MADE SAFE and Plastic Pollution Coalition developed the guide to make it easy for parents to:

  • Learn about the toxic chemicals found in plastics and other common items
  • Find tips to reduce plastic during pregnancy
  • Gather ideas to avoid other common toxic chemicals
  • Get safe product recommendations

This guide contains a wealth of useful information, and for ease of use it is organized by areas of your home and your daily routine, including:

  • Kitchen & diet
  • Cleaning & laundry
  • Bathroom
  • Personal care
  • Household
  • Outdoors
  • Self-care

The goal of this guide is to help parents make better, safer choices for a healthy and sustainable future for their families and the planet.

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