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Toilet Cleaning 101 with Meliora Cleaning Products

Toilet Cleaning 101 with Meliora Cleaning Products

Cleaning your toilet doesn’t need to be a daunting task and doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals. Our soap-based cleaners will latch onto the stinky toilet grime removing the filth while keeping to your people- and planet- friendly standards.

If you’re having trouble facing the work involved with cleaning your toilet, set a timer before you begin. You may be surprised to see that it takes hardly any time at all. If that doesn’t appeal to you, assign this task to the person who comes in last in a house tournament of rock-paper-scissors.

So let’s get started!

Begin with the inside of your toilet, in case you find it is in need of a bit of a soak.

Quick Tip: Need a deep clean? Empty your toilet of extra water to avoid diluting the Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub by pouring a bucket of water into the bowl. It should force open the siphon jet (hole at the bottom of the bowl) allowing most of the water to drain without triggering a water refill for your toilet. Don’t want to waste water? Leftover dish water works nicely.

Sprinkle a bit of the Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub into the bowl, avoiding the remaining water.

Scrub all of the inner portions of your toilet bowl thoroughly.

If you have some build-up under the rim of the bowl (where the water enters), you can add a bit of extra Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub to your brush, scrub that area, and let it sit while you clean the outer portions of the toilet.

While you allow the Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub some time to break down tougher particles, let’s get started on the outer portions of the toilet and the toilet seat with our All-Purpose Home Cleaner.

You can spray our All-Purpose Home Cleaner on any surface of your toilet. Simply spray and wipe until dry, remembering to occasionally change or refold your cleaning rag as it absorbs the grime. Working from the tank, through the seat, and down to the base is an easy way to manage how often to change your cleaning rag. 

Once you’ve wiped down all of the outer portions and the toilet seat. Return to the bowl of the toilet and scrub any of the more difficult to clean areas – such as under the rim. Then flush.

Quick Tip: For an even deeper cleaning, remove the toilet seat and clean the toilet seat hinge. Some toilets have a quick release hinge for easier cleaning. Others, like the one pictured, require a screwdriver.

To learn more about the use of soap-based products to break down and remove microbes around the home, check out our blog post on lye soap.