Wintertime Drying - Indoor vs Outdoor

As a trade-off for holiday cheer, we have freezing temperatures, dry air due to furnace usage, and strains on the energy bills when forcing yourself out of a hot shower takes just a teeny bit longer than usual. This is a great time to rethink your dryer usage!

Cold weather is still a great time to line dry your laundry, but it will take a bit more planning than a scorching day where you can toss sheets on a clothesline and return minutes later to collect your sunshine-infused linens.

Indoor vs. Outdoor:

You can still dry clothes outdoors in cold weather, but it does mean you’ll have to go outdoors (Brr!). Your wet clothes may in fact freeze solid, but thanks to a cool phenomenon known as sublimation, that ice will turn to water vapor over time. Eventually, you’ll have dry clothes...but you'll have to go back outside to get them. That’s why we prefer indoor drying in the wintertime.

Use a drying rack inside. If you have the space you can always keep this up, but even in a teeny apartment there can be room to set up a folding rack to dry a load of clothes at a time. No need to put your boots on. As a bonus, you are getting some much-needed moisture into your indoor air instead of losing it all through your dryer vent.