We are proud to announce our products have been certified MADE SAFE!

We’ve been pioneering safer products since we founded the company in 2013. Now, we’re so proud to prove it with this revolutionary new certification.

This seal means that products are made without known carcinogens, behavioral, reproductive, and neuro toxins, hormone disruptors, heavy metals, pesticides, insecticides, flame retardants, toxic solvents, or harmful VOCs and more! 

It also means that product ingredients have been examined for concerns for whether they build up in the environment or our bodies, and for general and aquatic toxicity.

More information about MADE SAFE can be found at www.madesafe.org.

More information about our ingredients can be found at meliorameansbetter.com/ingredients.


Our MADE SAFE certified products:

Laundry Powder (all sizes and scents)

All-Purpose Home Cleaner and REFILL Flakes for general cleaning in your home

Soap Sticks for Laundry Stain Removal

Soap Bars for all purpose cleaning and DIY cleaning products