Planet Friendly Partnerships with 1% for the Planet


One of the first things Kate did when founding the company in the spring of 2013 was team up with 1% for the Planet. She knew we had to do more than just make kick-ass products to make a positive impact on our global community. We had to find a way to support people who were trying to make this little blue marble a better place for everyone.

What Does 1% for the Planet Do?

Simply said, 1% for the Planet is a connector. Businesses all over the world want to help the planet by donating to environmental causes. But it's really, really hard to find the non-profit organizations that align to what a business values most. Between the thousands and companies, and thousands of non-profits, meaningful and awesome connections are made.

Every member company pledges  AT LEAST 1% of their revenues to these causes. Each company picks from over 3,000 non-profits to partner with, helping them achieve their goals around protecting our planet. Animal habitats, waterway preservation, and climate change awareness are just a few of the areas that bring the companies and non-profit groups together.

1% plus1% equals (at least) 2%!

What Does Meliora Cleaning Products Do?

 We love everything about signing up to support our great non-profit partners. We love it (and them) so much, we commit to donate at least 2% of our annual revenue each year. It's so important to us, it's actually written into our annual goals each year.We exceeded that goal in both 2014 and 2015, and we're on track to do the same again in 2016. 

Who Do You Support?

We have built a great partnership with our non-profit Women's Voices for the Earth. Based on Missoula, MT, Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE) focuses on how the products women use everyday impact their health and the health of the world around them.

Their vision is really cool:

"WVE envisions a world where women lead to create a healthy environment without toxic chemicals in our workplaces, homes, and communities."


From cosmetics and cleaning products to cosmetics and fragrance ingredient disclosure, we love working with a fact-based, information-craving group like the strong, fearless women of WVE. On behalf of their team, thank you for your support by buying our products

WVE No Secrets Partner

Our involvement in their "No Secrets" campaign means that we disclose 100% of the ingredients used in EVERY product we make. This includes anything that adds fragrance to our products. You can see this in the simple, short, and great-smelling organic essential oils listed on our scented Laundry Powder products.


Find more information about 1 Percent for the Planet at

For more details about Women's Voices for the Earth, check them out at