B Corp: Using Business as a Force for Good

What is a B Corp?

Its true that being a successful business requires making money, but we believe you can do more with a business than just focus on the bottom line.  Certified B Corps use business as a force for good, in a way that positively impacts our customers, the environment, our communities, and our business operations. 

We're Proud to Be a Certified B Corporation

Why is Meliora a Certified B Corp?

We found that we share many values and ideals with the B Corp community, and took the assessment about a year after starting the company. 

We feel that how you run a business should require an understanding of the role of interdependence.  Knowing how materials are sourced and the suppliers you work with; understanding the environmental impact within each area of manufacturing; and creating sustainable, responsible products that benefit all and do less harm.  We believe in building a business with transparency, and being a Certified B Corp helps keeps us accountable to these values.

So, this Best for the World Thing...tell me more.

We'd LOVE to! All B Corps are evaluated on our impact for the environment, our workers, customers, communities, and governance. Those who are in the top 10 percent in each category (and overall) are honored each year as "Best for the World."

We're super pumped to be named Best for the World for our impact on our community for the second time in 2018 (the first was 2016).

Check out the complete list of Best for the World Award winners in 2018 here.

Find more information about being a Certified B Corporation at www.bcorporation.net