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How to clean Bloodstains

This article originally posted January 24, 2014 on our tumblr blog


Sometimes life gets messy. Hopefully not so messy you’ve got an entire towel soaked with blood (um, maybe call the police?) but more along the lines of an early morning sloppy shaving technique plus a dull razor.

All you need to fix this is a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. If you want to make it even easier, save and clean an old spray nozzle and screw it right onto the top of your peroxide bottle.


Spray or pour enough hydrogen peroxide to soak the stained area. Below is a photo a few seconds after doing this, and the red is already fading.


And again about 10 seconds later, it’s pretty much gone. 


Now just toss in the wash. Fresh stains are always easier, but this works well even when blood has already dried. The hydrogen peroxide breaks down all by itself into oxygen and water, so it’s not leaving behind any residues. In fact, this makes it a great way to clean up blood and other bodily fluid stains on large furniture, walls, and mattresses. Hopefully you’re not losing blood in all of those places at once!