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4 of Our Favorite Tips for a Cleaner Washing Machine

4 of Our Favorite Tips for a Cleaner Washing Machine

Following these tips will reduce mold and mildew growth, allowing for a longer stretch between deep cleans of your washing machine. 

1.)    Leave the lid to your washing machine open - but only if it is safe to do so.

Mildew and mold love a nice dark, damp, warm living space. Leaving the lid to your washing machine open between washes allows the moisture inside of your machine to dry out more quickly. Please skip this tip if your small children or pets have access to your washing machine. If one were to climb into your machine, that could be very unsafe.

2.)    Skip the fabric softener, dryer sheets, and fragrance-adding products. 

The oils in these products can coat the inside of your machine with difficult to remove residue. Not only can this residue attach itself to your clothing, it allows for more surfaces for mold and mildew to attach and breed.

3.)    Wipe out the rubber gasket in the door of your front loader regularly (if you have one).

This area of a front loading machine can build up mold and mildew quickly. Removing any moisture or grime in between each use will prevent that buildup.

4.)    Remember - a little goes a long way where laundry powder (or detergent) is concerned. 

Using too much of any laundry powder or detergent can cause build-up in your machine as well as in your clothes. We recommend starting small and slowly building your way up to the correct amount of powder. 

Check out our article "Laundry Stank - How to Strip Your Clothes of Build-up" for a tutorial on deep cleaning your washing machine.