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Partners We Love: My Block, My Hood, My City

Partners We Love: My Block, My Hood, My City

We love to give back to organizations in our home community of Chicago and one group we are particularly proud to support is My Block, My Hood, My City.

What is My Block, My Hood, My City?

My Block, My Hood, My City (also known as M3) provides underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood. They take students on explorations focused on STEM, arts, culture, volunteerism, citizenry, health, community development, culinary arts, and entrepreneurism.

We supported M3 last year as the leader of the organization supported activities like ensuring seniors would have access to hand sanitizer, health supplements, toiletries, and food during the pandemic. After every big snow, M3 also helps shovel for seniors, residents with disabilities, areas with vacant homes/lots, under-resourced schools, and more. They have a solid track record of doing really positive things to help build community.

They’re truly a wonderful non-profit organization that helps support under-resourced communities in Chicago.

Who started M3?

A champion of social justice, Jahmal Cole’s mission has been to build a more interconnected Chicago on the pillars of service and education. Jahmal is the creator of M3, the exposure-based education program for teens and a network of volunteer initiatives that serve Chicago communities year-round. 

Most recently Jahmal was named one of the 25 Most Powerful Chicagoans by Crain’s Magazine and named to the New Power 30 by Chicago Magazine. He has also been awarded the 2020 American Red Cross Community Impact Hero Award.

The goal to explore, experience and evolve

At M3, the goal is to help support Chicagoans explore, experience and evolve. 

The organization helps provide opportunities for others to step outside their comfort zone and explore new communities, cultures, and cuisines in an effort to gain a greater understanding of the world. They believe in encouraging people to fully immerse themselves in new experiences and to also take responsibility for community - “it is only through our efforts of service, empathy, and collaboration will we see our communities truly evolve,” according to the M3 mission.

If you'd like to support M3 and their cause, you can volunteer your time or donate money directly to this awesome organization.

Meliora Cleaning Products donates to My Block, My Hood, My City as part of our commitment to donating 2% of annual sales revenue to sustainability-focused causes and organizations.