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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Today we donated to a local nonprofit, My Block, My Hood, My City. We've been reading about a lot of good things they've been up to during the pandemic and wanted to give money to a Black-founded organization that focuses on direct, positive activity and building connections between neighbors here in Chicago.

We're in the thick of things here in Chicago. Neighbors are helping local businesses sweep up glass and board up their windows. The most common phrases we've heard from fellow business owners are words of support for the protests and respecting the legacy of George Floyd, among countless others. And throughout all that, safety for their team, their families, the business, and their homes are constantly on their minds.

To give some perspective here, the bridges around downtown Chicago are raised just like they were in the movie The Dark Knight. We've collectively lost a lot of sleep, and had team members need to stay home to work on cleaning and rebuilding their neighborhoods and local communities.

Even within all of that, 95% of the people involved in the events in Chicago the last few days have been entirely peaceful.

If we're not willing to listen and understand why so many people are mad and saying they're sick of the way things are, this isn't going to magically go away. It's going to continue, and some people are even banking on that. They're hoping for total chaos as they hide, stoking the fire with hate and words of division.

We founded this company to shine a light on an industry that prided itself on protecting its own, fending off meaningful change through the guise of self-regulation. We’re seeing and hearing a similar message down the street, on the TV, and police scanners today. Things can't continue the way they are. They just can't. Not if we want to actually make the change for a sustainable future for everyone.

Please - keep boosting accurate information, keep making donations, and keep supporting people during this challenging time.