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5 of Our Favorite Laundry Hacks

5 of Our Favorite Laundry Hacks

We think a lot about laundry and cleaning. It’s kind of what we do. Here are five of our favorite laundry hacks to date. We’d love to hear yours, too - feel free to reach out to us!

Do not overload your washing machine! This is the most important aspect of washing your clothes. How much is too much? Most machine manuals will give you a clear picture of the specifics to that machine. Generally speaking, a standard machine holds 12- 16 lbs of laundry. You want enough clothes to aid in the friction necessary to get things really clean, but not so many clothes that soap and water cannot move freely and do their job.

Along that line, when it comes to detergent, less is more. We recommend adding less and working your way up slowly. Using the least amount necessary will cause the clothes to be the cleanest. Sounds odd, right? Basically, clothing that has not been rinsed completely of laundry powder is still dirty.

Spray stain removers are nice, but real cleaning power comes from a stain stick, such as Meliora Cleaning Product’s Laundry Stain Removal Soap Stick. The magic happens within the friction, as you rub the stain stick against the clothing.  

Avoid “extras” in your laundry care routines. Unneeded fragrances, dryer sheets, and other such oil-coated products add a film to your clothing and machine that are often very difficult to remove. If you’re adding something to the wash for added scent, but you are unable to remove the scent from your clothing in the next wash, that means your clothes are not actually getting clean. Don’t add anything to your clothing that you can’t wash out.

Keep a clean machine. Most washers do get some buildup over time. This is the case no matter what type of cleaning agent is used and varies with things like dirt, water type, etc. We recommend white vinegar as a softener for many reasons, including that it helps to reduce or eliminate buildup from excess detergent/soap. Washer maintenance is something that should be done just like with any appliance. No detergent or soap product should be used without consulting the washing machine’s maintenance instructions regarding cleaning