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Meliora Cleaning Products & FEW Spirits Partner to Create FDA-Compliant Hand Sanitizer for Frontline Workers

Meliora Cleaning Products & FEW Spirits Partner to Create FDA-Compliant Hand Sanitizer for Frontline Workers

CHICAGO, IL - April 8, 2020 - Meliora Cleaning Products and FEW Spirits are the proud parents of a new FDA-compliant product, Hand Sanitizer, created specifically for healthcare facilities and other essential businesses during the COVID-19 crisis in the United States.

Engaging in price-mending instead of price-gouging, Meliora Cleaning Products and FEW Spirits are offering this product at cost and giving it away to essential local facilities in Chicago including fire departments and grocery stores. 

Hand sanitizer is currently sold at approximately $1/ounce, which isn’t price-gouging but it’s pretty frickin’ close considering the materials and labor involved in creating the product.

“Based on new guidance issued by the FDA, a recipe provided by World Health Organization [W.H.O.], and the generous partnership with FEW Spirits, we are able to get this product to those in need,” said Kate Jakubas, Founder of Meliora Cleaning Products. “Meliora’s experience with creating and packaging household goods gave us the chance to move quickly and use our existing inventory to create large bottles of sanitizer well-suited to healthcare and commercial settings. Our first batch of this product is being offered at no cost to local nonprofits and at our break-even point for sale. We will keep working to offer this product until the regular supply chain for sanitizer is able to keep up with demand.” 

“We are proud of our team’s ability to flexibly use our production line and inventory to address the shortage of disinfectant products on the market. By offering sanitizer at low or no cost, we’re approaching this as an exercise in price-mending to help mend the overly inflated market.”

The lack of widespread availability has also caused many DIY and half-baked recipes to be released into the market. Both FEW Spirits and Meliora Cleaning Products committed to doing things the right way from the start. Meliora Cleaning Products’ production facility is now FDA-compliant with current guidance for the manufacture of hand sanitizer utilizing FEW Spirits’ high-quality alcohol.

“Untested recipes, including those using off-the-shelf concentrations of vodka and ingredients like aloe gel, herbs, and essential oils, can be ineffective,” added Jakubas. “By following FDA guidelines, using the W.H.O recipe, and registering our facility with the FDA as a manufacturer of hand sanitizer, we are following the best available practices for temporary producers of hand sanitizer.”

Paul Hletko, founder of FEW Spirits, notes that "FEW is a small distillery, but we are committed to being a valuable member of our community and to giving back where we can. As a small distillery, we aren't able to actually produce sanitizer ourselves, so it is very satisfying to work with a partner like Meliora Cleaning Products to do what little bit we can."

To purchase a $6 bottle of Hand Sanitizer for personal use or donate a bottle, please visit

For more information, please contact Meliora Cleaning Products President, Mike Mayer, at 


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