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Meet our affiliate, Alexandra Thompson!

Meet our affiliate, Alexandra Thompson!

We love to feature our affiliate partners who help get the word out about Meliora Cleaning Products. This month, we’re featuring Alexandra Thompson from Waste Free Earth!

Tell us about yourself, please!

My name is Alexandra but most people call me Alex! My pronouns are she/her and I live in Brooklyn, NY. I'm fascinated by waste and how humans interact with it, which is why I'm stoked to be the Sustainability Programming Manager for Waste Free Earth. My favorite color is yellow and I love to be outside in the sun!

What inspired you to become an advocate for safer cleaning?

I started to learn about how toxic generic cleaners can be while looking for plastic-free options. I love when my passion for less waste leads me to healthy solutions!

What’s your favorite Meliora Cleaning Product?

My favorite is the stain removal soap stick! I love how effective and simple it is. I'm prone to spilling my coffee so it gets used quite a bit!

What’s one of your favorite sustainable or zero-waste products that’s not from Meliora?

I'd have to keep it basic and say either my reusable water bottle or tote bag. I don't leave the house without them! I found my bright yellow Klean Kanteen water bottle at Goodwill a few years back and it's been my sidekick ever since.

What’s the cleanest part of your home?

Probably the closet! It's the one place that consistently stays organized. And our laundry powder works great!

If you could get rid of one type of cleaning forever, what would you eliminate?

The stovetop! We cook a lot so there's always food residue left behind. If that could magically disappear...

What’s one of the biggest challenges you think we have to overcome to make the world better for people and the planet?

One of the biggest challenges I've noticed is the mindset that individual consumerism can fix just about everything. We can't buy our way to a sustainable planet. Don't get me wrong - individual actions and behaviors are important. But I think we need to continue emphasizing the need for systemic change so anyone can participate in the movement and the planet can benefit.

If you were made up of 3 ingredients, what would be on your label?

Peanut butter, peaches, and sass

What gif would you say represents you best?