Meliora Cleaning Products' Paper Laundry Powder Refill Bags

Did you know our refill bags are made out of uncoated paper making them easy to recycle or compost? When empty, just tear off the tin tie to recycle, and recycle or compost the empty paper bag!

"I will admit I didn't know the paper bag refills were even an option as I had been purchasing from Amazon and it doesn't seem those are sold there. I'll be happily ordering the refill bags directly from your company when I'm ready to re-up! Less waste at a lower price (and free shipping if I order four, too!) is win-win! I really appreciate how eco-conscious Meliora is with regard to packaging!” - feedback we recently received from satisfied, new low-waste customer.

Meliora Cleaning Products laundry powder refill

Can I recycle the bag?

When empty, tear off the tin tie to recycle, and recycle or compost the paper bag. It is completely recyclable!

Is the bag coated with anything? I’d like to compost it.

Nope! There is no coating on our paper bags, making them perfect for backyard composting.

Do I need a canister or can I just use the paper bag?

While our Laundry Powder will not lose its effectiveness over time, it can begin to clump if exposed to moisture in the air. Pouring the Laundry Powder into a lidded container, such as our Laundry Powder canister (or an empty mason jar), will help to prevent clumping.

I left my Laundry Powder in the paper bag and it has become hard. What do I do now?

No need to stress! You can break up the clumps with a spoon or loosen it from the outside of the bag with a few firm taps on the counter. It’ll work as well the day you bought it!

Can I subscribe to Laundry Powder refills?

Yes! We love it and encourage people who purchase our Laundry Powder canisters to then subscribe to our refill bags for future orders. You can follow steps here to make a subscription or go straight to our refills to subscribe there.