Meet our affiliate, Chad Keast!

We love to feature our affiliate partners who help get the word out about Meliora Cleaning Products. This month, we’re featuring Chad Keast!

Tell us about yourself, please!

I am a 43 year old fiancé, dog dad and salon/eco boutique owner in Oak Park Illinois. 

What inspired you to become an advocate for safer cleaning? 

My salon business is founded on environmentally forward thinking personal care products so when I moved to Chicago I found Meliora at the Sugar Beet Food Co-op in Oak Park and had to have them in my hair salon!

What’s your favorite Meliora Cleaning Product? 

It’s a tie between the Dish Soap and All-Purpose Home Cleaner!

What’s one of your favorite sustainable or zero-waste products that’s not from Meliora? 

Right now it’s simple ecology products - produce storage bags extend the life of vegetables and keep you from using plastic bags at the grocery store. I find all the best stuff at Tare Market in Minneapolis - it’s a zero waste heaven of eco-luxury!

What’s the cleanest part of your home? 

My bathroom since I am a sucker for self-care. 

If you could get rid of one type of cleaning forever, what would you eliminate? 

Hard water stains!

What’s one of the biggest challenges you think we have to overcome to make the world better for people and the planet? 

Our biggest challenge is to share our love of simplicity and waste reduction. It’s happening all the time with my salon guests. They love not having to breathe in harsh fumes or deal with sensitizing chemicals or the excessive plastics all around us.

If you were made up of 3 ingredients, what would be on your label? 

Fun loving, adaptive and fabulous 💜