New Look For Our Product!

You might have noticed that things are looking a little different around here recently. We've made some changes to our look by updating our logo and changing the look of our product packaging. Here's why we did that and what's changed:

Our logo and product packaging was created during the ancient era known as 2013. At that time, we were just getting started and we have since gotten a lot more comfortable with what our company stands for. We're a simple products company and we wanted a simpler look.

"Meliora K" is now "Meliora Cleaning Products". The legal company name is Meliora K, LLC, but the brand identity and logo is now simpler and more to the point. We are dropping the K from everyday use as it doesn't relate to what we're focused on every day - making better cleaning products. "Meliora" is a Latin word that means better, and Meliora Cleaning Products is what we do and who we are. Our new brand name and logo are here to say that in as few words as possible. The earth logo spoke to our environmental commitment, but our real goal is to be both people- AND planet- friendly, and sticking to our "meliora means better" is how we'll communicate that going forward.

Simplified Packaging: we have loved, loved, loved the sassy drawings of people doing housework wearing only socks and shoes, and we know a lot of you have gotten a chuckle from this as well. We're still fun, trust us. However, we want a simpler, sleeker look for products that will make it easier to create a variety of new products and easily identify them on shelf from other Meliora products as well as other cleaning products. Spending more packaging real estate on product names and information is how we are going to do that, and means we're going towards a look with fewer colors and big text.

New web address: instead of, we'll be using going forward. Fingers crossed, all links should redirect appropriately.

That's pretty much it - no ingredient changes, just a bit of a makeover on the outside. We'd love your feedback on our new look! 

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  • cathy porter

    Hi. I actually just sent you a question about this because I hadn’t seen this. It was time for a refill, and I guess this was the first time I was really looking at the current packaging and realized that the tree was gone. (Since I get refills, my packaging stays the same.) I REALLY miss the tree. I don’t know what the other cute pictures were for the other products, and now I wish I had seen them too. I don’t miss the K that much – although I liked that too – but I do miss the fun pictures. I tend to be a lone hold out on things like this though, so I’m guessing the majority of anyone else who has responded has said that they like the “clean new look” or “more grown up look” or whatever. I much prefer the tree. The new look is much less interesting to me and therefore much harder for me to focus on to read or learn more about. But no worries. I understand. And I’m glad to know the product is still the same inside.

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