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UPDATED: Temporary Plastic Use Alert - PLASTIC REMOVED!

UPDATED: Temporary Plastic Use Alert - PLASTIC REMOVED!

May 17, 2018

UPDATE: We are excited to announce that we found the root cause of the breaking sealing stickers on our Fulfilled by Amazon products. That means we get to switch back to paper sealing stickers. Hooray! No more unnecessary plastic.

Thank you for your patience. We're happy to go back to our 100% single-use plastic-free product line.


Hello Meliorites! 

We wanted to let everyone know that temporarily, we will be adding a small amount of plastic to our product packaging.

Old versus New, Amazon-only stickers

Current, paper-based seals (L) and temporary, plastic-backed seals (R). Plastic-backed seals will only be on orders fulfilled by Amazon.

This will only affect product sold through and Fulfilled By Amazon. Basically, if you order our product through Amazon Prime, you'll start seeing shiny plastic sealing stickers on our canisters where the paper stickers used to be. No other sales channels are currently affected - if you buy from our site, or a retail outlet other than Amazon, you shouldn't see any changes.


We are making this change because we have had multiple reports of sealing stickers breaking during transit for this particular sales method. Several sad Meliorites have received canisters that have spilled during transit. Our approach is to to avoid plastic, particularly single-use plastic, wherever possible, and we will keep working to find a better long term solution. 

As always, if you have a problem with any product you've received, please let us know! Packaging is both a real pain (all that material!) and really important (it's hard to imagine making laundry powder and then selling it by the fistful to be transferred to washing machines directly). We'll keep working to make our packaging useful and low impact. Thanks!