Oxygen Brightener Bleach Alternative Booster - Plastic-Free

Oxygen Brightener Bleach Alternative Booster - Plastic-Free

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✓ Plastic-Free

✓ Chlorine-Free

✓ Dye-Free

✓ Preservative-Free

✓ Palm-Oil Free

✓ Cruelty-Free

✓ Fragrance-Free

Give your laundry a boost with this people- and planet-friendly bleach alternative Oxygen Brightener. Our color-safe laundry boosting oxygen brightener works great as an addition to your laundry routine, or anywhere in your home you need a little extra kick. Try it on your favorite coffee and tea mugs to cut through any buildup!

Add 1 Tablespoon to a normal load of laundry.

For large/heavy loads, double it.Use with any water temp (for best results, warmer is better) and most fabrics (do not use with wool or silk)

Test colored fabrics for color-fastness

For general household cleaning, mix 1 Tablespoon of Oxygen Brightener with 8-16 oz. of warm water (about 1/4- to 1/2-cup of Oxygen Brightener per gallon of water) 

Sodium Carbonate Peroxide (Sodium Percarbonate), Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda)

Sodium Carbonate Peroxide: More commonly called Sodium Percarbonate. A people- and planet-friendly oxidizer, sodium percarbonate breaks down organic dirts and stains to make them easier to remove from your clothes and home. Upon completion of the reaction, all that remains of sodium percarbonate is water and oxygen.

Sodium Carbonate: Also known as washing soda or soda ash, sodium carbonate is a pH adjuster. It raises the pH of the washing water, which results in more effective cleaning. For this reason it's often referred to as a laundry 'booster'.

Net Weight 2 lb 

DO NOT MIX with Chlorine, Ammonia, or any other chemicals. Contains Sodium Percarbonate, which may irritate eyes or skin.In case of eye contact, rinse with water for 15 minutes.In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.If ingested, do not induce vomiting; drink plenty of water to dilute.

100% Plastic-Free | Chlorine-Free | Dye-Free | Palm-Oil Free | Preservative-Free | Fragrance-Free

Our Entire Laundry Collection is 100% Plastic Free

“Meliora means better” isn’t just a line we use. It’s also a goal - to strive to be better today than we were yesterday. We’ve always had a single-use plastic-free laundry collection, but the goal to become 100% plastic-free has been on the board for a long time. Once we identified a supplier who met our criteria for also being people- and planet-friendly, we were thrilled to be able to make this change.

Commitment to Sustainability
All of our products are made and distributed with the utmost care for the health of our customers as well as our concern for the environmental impact of our products.
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Ingredient Transparency
Ingredient disclosure and transparency is the cornerstone of our business. That's why we list every ingredient on every product for Meliora Cleaning Products.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Love this product; tolerate getting the package open

As others have written, I was happy to find a laundry brightener (NOT bleach) that comes in paper-based packaging without plastics and not in pod form. I keep an old tablespoon measure nearby so I can easily add a "scoop" to almost every load.

Now for the dislike: this packaging is very hard to open. It sort of twists off the top. I'd be tempted to simply leave the lid perched atop it (to keep out moisture), but my HE washer spins very high and often shakes items off the top. (Remnants of my former "bleach alternative pods" are scattered about the laundry cubicle to remind me often of this situation. My short-term solution has been to put the lid on as slightly as possible to keep it closed (and safe from my pooch) and sitting on the floor nearby. It's working, but that's what caused me to take off a star.

Thank you for your sincere review, Jennifer! As some of our customers are having difficulty with the lids, we are in the process of finding a new source for these canisters. If you have a 1 quart lidded container handy, you can switch the Oxygen Brightener into that as we work through this issue. Or, shoot us an email, and we can send you a better canister!

Excellent product!

Very happy with this! I throw a scoop into the washer with our lights, in addition to the lavender scented detergent. I previously used a laundry brightener that came in a pod form. This seems to work just as well, without the pvc coating and the plastic bag that the old product had. So happy I found this!

Absolutely LOVE

I had been looking for a plastic free alternative to OxyClean since learning about Laundry Stripping and learning more about making homemade laundry detergent/powders.
I was so happy to see Meliora started offering this!

I add it to every load of laundry now (unless there is wool or silk) just to give everything a little boost!

I also love that you can use it for other tasks besides laundry. Love love love!

Anita Joy Edwards
Keeping clothes bright for over a year

We live in the city, are renters, and are unable to control the quality of our water coming in to our home. The orange-ish film left on products (shower drain, shower head, toilet bowl) exposed to our water over time is disheartening. Yet, our clothes get a fresh, natural brightening agent with this brightener. We have been subscribing to this product for over a year. #worthit

Delyne Magnier
Great products

I use the laundry detergent and love it. We have recently started using the whitening powder due to being on well water. It works great no more yellow/orange stains on our clothes.