Health First Roadmap - Preliminary Review

In June 2018, we committed to following the Health First roadmap and are ready to share the results of our self-assessment.

The Health First Roadmap is published by Women’s Voices for the Earth and contains specific benchmarks for company performance in four categories:

  1. Chemicals Management
  2. Chemicals Assessment
  3. Disclosure/Transparency
  4. Industry Collaboration

We'll share more details about each of these categories over the next several weeks. As we discuss each area, we'll link to them in the list above for easy reference.

Health First Roadmap Preliminary Review


The image above shows the current state of our company on the roadmap. As a company committed to transparency and safer ingredients, we were a little surprised by the results of our self-assessment. We like to think of ourselves as leading the pack in lots of areas of safer ingredients. However, when we look at the specific benchmarks laid out on the roadmap, it's clear we have work to do!

In this blog series, we will post in more detail about why we self-selected each benchmark, from Compliance to Health First, in each of the four areas. Soon, we'll also share the next steps we are taking to move our company forward on the roadmap. Please feel free to post comments, questions, or contact us directly.