Partners We Love: Women's Voices of the Earth

This month, we’d like to highlight one of our  people- and planet- friendly partners Women’s Voices of the Earth. We appreciate their approach to helping humans avoid ingredients that are harmful to their health with a particular emphasis on the impact of ingredients in the environment that wind their way back to the very things we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. 

We’ve been working with Women’s Voices for the Earth since 2013, and fully support their stance that “everyone, regardless of their race, socio-economic status, or gender, deserves to live in an environment free of toxic chemicals that may give them cancer, cause infertility and birth defects, or cause health problems for future generations. Unfortunately, women tend to face greater levels of exposure to certain toxic chemicals than men. This is why WVE amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the chemicals that harm our health and communities."

WVE has long been a champion for transparency. They were a key leader in getting SB258, the Cleaning Products Right to Know Act passed in 2018. This is the first, and currently only, legislation in the US requiring ingredient disclosure in home cleaning products. Then in 2020, WVE helped to pass the Fragrance and Flavors Right to Know Act (SB 312) in California, providing valuable information to consumers as they make product choices. 

Recently, WVE has begun to use the information provided (under this act) to the California’s Safe Cosmetics Program database to analyze the extensiveness of known toxins included in fragrances and flavors. Due to the transparency SB 312 created, WVE is able to analyze the data, using that information to educate people and businesses about the safety and toxicity of fragrance compounds.

None of that would be possible without ingredient transparency. You can read more about their findings and recommendations in Women’s Voices of the Earth’s Takeaways from California’s New Law on Fragrance Disclosure.

Women’s Voices for the Earth is one of our key non-profit partners through our membership in 1% for the Planet and our company commitment to donate 2% of our sales revenue to people- and planet-friendly causes and organizations. If you’d like to learn more about WVE, please check them out at