Meliora Soap Stick - Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Stain Remover (Unscented)
Meliora Soap Stick - Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Stain Remover (Unscented)
Meliora Soap Stick - Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly Stain Remover (Unscented)

Soap Stick Stain Remover

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Our Soap Stick is a people- and planet-friendly stain remover made with non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. This solid soap stain stick is just as effective as liquid stain removers but is ultra-concentrated, plastic-free, and preservative-free.
  1. Wet the stained area of the fabric with warm water.
  2. Rub the soap stick vigorously on the stained area to work up a lather.
  3. Wash as normal, as soon as possible after pre-treating the stain.

See full usage instructions below.

Ingredient Common Name CAS Number Purpose
Sodium cocoate Vegetable soap 61789-31-9 Enemy of dirt; cleaner of clothes
Cocos nucifera oil Organic coconut oil 8001-31-8 Byproduct of soapmaking
Glycerin Glycerin 56-81-5 Byproduct of soapmaking

See full ingredient information below.

Our Soap Stick is effective on most stains, including red wine, tomato sauce, juice, coffee, chocolate, dirt, grass, oil, grease, blood, sweat, and baby messes. It’s safe on most fabrics, including lights, darks, colors, cotton, linen, wool, silk, and synthetics.

We use only what you need to clean your clothes: an unscented vegetable soap stick made with organic coconut oil that easily lathers on wet fabric.

All of our non-toxic ingredients are MADE SAFE® Certified, Leaping Bunny certified cruelty-free, and vegan. We list every ingredient, including scents, on the front label so you can see what’s in your stain remover.

Our plastic-free stain stick is packaged in a recyclable paperboard box.

Net wt. 1.7 oz. (48 g).

Pre-treat stains before washing with our Soap Stick. The sooner you can treat and wash a stain, the better. Simply wet the fabric in the stained area with warm water. Rub the stain stick vigorously on the wet fabric, using friction to work up a rich lather on the stained area. Wash the garment as normal after treating the stain. Avoid drying until the stain is gone, or else it might become more stubborn to treat.

Our Soap Stick is effective on most stains, including red wine, tomato sauce, juice, coffee, chocolate, dirt, grass, oil, grease, blood, sweat, and baby messes. For grease and oil stains, hot water can help lift the oil from the fabric.

The stick is safe on most fabrics, including lights, darks, colors, cotton, linen, wool, silk, and synthetics. An exception is pigment-dyed fabrics, which essentially stain fabric with a color that can be easily removed by the soap. Always defer to the care instructions on the product tag. We recommend testing any new or delicate fabrics and surfaces in an inconspicuous area before cleaning fully.

The Soap Stick is also effective for hand-washing clothes, making it an excellent travelling companion. Just fill a bucket or sink with warm water. Submerge your dirty clothes in the water and rub them with the stick, focusing on any dirty or sweaty areas that need extra attention. The water should get sudsy from the soap. Let the clothes soak for a bit, then remove and rinse them thoroughly. Let clothes air dry.

Wash your clothes using our Laundry Powder detergent. Simply add half a tablespoon of powder directly to your HE washing machine drum before adding your clothes. Our Laundry Powder does not contain enzymes, so it is safe to use for washing natural protein-based fibers like wool and silk. It is also safe to use with all water temperatures and gentle enough for baby clothes and people with sensitive skin.

For loads that need a boost to remove stains and sweat odors, you can add our Oxygen Brightener bleach alternative to a wash alongside our Laundry Powder. This color-safe product brightens, whitens, and deodorizes your clothes by removing the dinginess and build-up that accumulates over time and reviving fabrics to their original vibrancy. We recommend adding up to a full tablespoon in a standard washer, and a half tablespoon in an HE washer. Oxygen Brightener is not compatible with natural protein-based fibers, such as wool and silk, or with septic systems.

Ingredient disclosure and transparency is the cornerstone of our business. We list every ingredient on the front label of each product and here on our website. Our Ingredients page lists the technical name, chemical identification (CAS number), country of origin, and additional details for every ingredient we use.

You'll never see the word "fragrance" on our ingredient labels. This catch-all term allows companies to hide ingredients that are potentially harmful to the health of people and the planet. In the US, hundreds of ingredients in the "fragrance" family have never been tested for their impact. Every product is available in an unscented base formula. We also offer products scented with organic essential oils. 

Our vegan, plant-based Vegetable Soap is made from organic coconut oil that is processed into soap, resulting in the following ingredients:

Sodium Cocoate is the chemical name of organic coconut oil that is saponified, or 'made into soap’. It's the chemical that grabs onto both dirt and water to do the cleaning.

Glycerin is chemically a type of alcohol and is naturally created when the oil is converted into soap. Glycerin is known for skin-softening abilities and is an effective solvent, meaning it can dissolve substances such as stains and dirt. We do not add any additional glycerin to our soap. 100% of the glycerin present is a byproduct of the soapmaking process, vegan, and cruelty-free.

Organic Cocos Nucifera, or organic coconut oil, is left in the soap after conversion to sodium cocoate. This is because we use sodium hydroxide, or lye, in the conversion process, and leaving excess oil ensures there is no remaining lye in the finished product. Our coconut soap has only a very small amount of excess oil, so it is designed to get tough jobs done without leaving oil behind on your clothes or in your washer.

Water is used in the soapmaking process to dissolve the lye and help evenly mix the oils and lye together for a complete saponification reaction. After saponification is complete, the water evaporates. There is only about 5% water in the finished soap, making it more shelf stable than a liquid soap that would require a preservative due to the high percentage (about 60%) of water.

Plastic-Free | MADE SAFE® Certified | Cruelty-Free | Made in the USA | Bleach-Free | Chlorine-Free | Fragrance-Free | Vegan | Dye-Free | SLS-Free | Preservative-Free | Palm-Oil Free | Phthalate-Free | Recyclable | Biodegradable | Organic Ingredients | Non-Toxic | Eco-Friendly | Sustainable

How to Use Our Soap Stick

How to Use Meliora Laundry Powder - Wet Fabric

Wet the stained fabric with warm water

The stain stick is most effective when used to pre-treat stains before washing. Wet the stained area or the whole garment with warm water.

How to Use Meliora Laundry Powder - Rub with Soap Stick

Rub the stained area with the soap stick

The friction caused by rubbing a solid soap directly on the fabric helps to remove stains. Be sure to work up a good lather.

How to Use Meliora Laundry Powder - Wash as Normal

Wash as normal soon after pre-treating

The sooner you are able to treat and wash the stain, the better the results. Avoid drying before the stain is gone, or else it might become more stubborn to treat.

Non-Toxic Ingredients

Our non-toxic stain remover stick is MADE SAFE® Certified, meaning it meets the strictest ingredient screening requirement in the industry. Our MADE SAFE® certification literally means that a product has been Made With Safe Ingredients™ that are not known or suspected to harm human health, animals, aquatic life, or ecosystems.

This unscented stain remover is made from vegetable soap without any added fragrances. It is free of bleach, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals commonly used in stain removers.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our eco-friendly stain remover stick is concentrated and packaged to minimize waste and environmental impact. By making a concentrated solid soap stick, we eliminate the need for added preservatives or single-use plastic bottles.

Solid soap sticks are more concentrated than liquid stain removers, making them more energy- and cost-effective to ship to you. They also take up less space in your home—each stick comes in a tiny box that measures 3.6 inches by 2.5 inches by 1 inch.

Eco-Friendly Soap Stick Stain Remover - Plastic-Free

Plastic-Free Packaging

  • No plastic bottle, wrapper, or liner — just paperboard and soap
  • Recyclable boxes are printed with vegetable-based inks

Vegan Soap Stick

  • Made from organic coconut oil — always palm-oil free
  • Certified cruelty-free and made without animal products

Concentrated Solid Stick

  • Less space and less waste than liquid stain remover
  • Shelf-stable without added preservatives

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Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Marni K
Great stuff!

So far, I really like this stain remover. I just keep a spray bottle of water above my washer and dryer and when I have clothing with stains - I spray it with water and then rub the soap stick on it. So, far it works great! It didn't work on stains on my tea towel but I may have washed and dried it before using the stain stick. ;) I couldn't remember.

Love the Soap Stick!

This is my second purchase of the Soap Stick. It works great, is fragrance-free, lasts for many months, and is vegan! I spray a little water on a stain and rub the Soap Stick over it, and the stain comes out in the wash--even oils. And no plastic container!

Love this little mighty solution!

It works wonders on all my collars - a laundry staple!

Keelee Johns

Super impressed with this miracle stick! I had some blood leak through my pajamas during the night while it was my time of the month. I scrubbed the spots on my sheets with the stick and a little water and the blood came right out! Love that it's natural but works so powerfully.

Cindy L
Works great

I’m thrilled to have found Meliora products. I now use the laundry soap, oxygen brightener and soap stick stain remover. I’m so glad to be using clean and natural products. I buy the refill bags and they fit perfectly into a large Ball canning jar. I cut and taped the label and instructions to the jar.