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100% Plastic-Free Laundry by Meliora Cleaning Products

100% Plastic-Free Laundry by Meliora Cleaning Products

The day is finally here: we are ridiculously excited that our ENTIRE laundry collection is 100% PLASTIC-FREE!

Your entire laundry room can now be plastic-free as our Laundry Powder comes with a stainless steel scoop.

We have been compelled to make better products since we founded Meliora Cleaning Products in 2013. We make sure our products are as people- and planet-friendly as we possibly can. That means not just better ingredients, but also better packaging. That’s why going fully plastic-free with our products is critical for us as a company, and a global community, especially when it’s getting harder and harder to find places that will take our used plastic for recycling.

“Meliora means better” isn’t just a line we use. It’s also a goal - to strive to be better today than we were yesterday. We’ve always had a single-use plastic-free laundry collection, but the goal to become 100% plastic-free has been on the board for a long time. Once we identified a supplier who met our criteria for also being people- and planet-friendly, we were thrilled to be able to make this change.

When we decide what to make and what to buy, we consider our impact on people, the planet and our bottom line - and we firmly believe that it shouldn’t cost more to be more sustainable. That’s why we’re making this change without changing the price for our Laundry Powder. It shouldn’t cost you more to clean better and minimize your waste in the process.

Just like every person’s journey towards a more sustainable home is different, every company has its own path. As a Certified B Corp, we’re committed to not just running a healthy business, but doing so in a way that makes a positive impact on the people and planet around us. We do this through continually learning from the latest research, taking feedback from our amazing customers (thank you!), and always challenging ourselves and our industry to do better for our global community.

That’s also why we give at least 2% of our yearly revenue to environmental and social justice causes through our partnership with 1% for the Planet. And we partner with groups that care about the impact our ingredients have on the world around us, like MADE SAFE and Leaping Bunny.