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Solid Dish Soap: A Planet-Friendly Option to Liquid Dish Soap

Solid Dish Soap: A Planet-Friendly Option to Liquid Dish Soap

What does talking about plastic have to do with washing dishes? Soap is soap, right?

So, liquid dish soap. You know, that stuff you buy maybe once a month...unless you forget, so you add water to the dish soap bottle to make it last longer...and then you forget to buy it again so you end up going to the store just for dish soap. That wasn’t just me, right? Ok, good. Phew!

Yeah, that stuff. It’s almost always bottled in single-use plastic bottles, adding to the amount of plastic running free in the wild. You may think that throwing out one bottle a month isn’t that bad, but so do millions of other homes. In the US alone, the average house throws out 30 single-use plastic cleaning bottles annually. That adds up to a lot of plastic - 3.8 BILLION bottles-worth. That’s not even considering the impact of ingredients on the health of the planet, wildlife, and us, which is a whole other thing for another time.

Let’s get to the helpful, life-changing, awesome solution

If you want a planet-friendly alternative to the wasteful single-use plastic bottle of dish soap, switch to solid dish soap for hand washing your dishes. This is a really simple way to start reducing your impact on the planet.

Why? Well, to start, it’s 100% plastic free. No more contributing to the plastic problem. Nailed it.

Our Dish Soap pucks come package-free from our website, or in a recyclable/compostable paperboard box at many of our retail partners. This makes it more efficient to ship because it is smaller and lighter than liquid dish soap. Liquid dish soap is mostly water (often over 60%!) and water is heavy. When you avoid shipping water you reduce the contribution to fossil fuel pollution! Hooray!

Our solid Dish Soap for Hand Washing is also dye-free, preservative-free and has no palm oil-based ingredients, so it is safer for you, your family, and the environment. It is also friendlier on your wallet, as it can last much longer than liquid dish soap. Add Dish Soap to your subscription, and you’ll never have to make that special trip to the store just for dish soap again.

And, as always, our products are cruelty-free, synthetic fragrance-free, and MADE SAFE Certified! Did we also mention that at least 1% of each dollar is donated to sustainable environmental causes through our membership in 1% for the Planet? It’s true.

Make that positive impact on your dish washing experience today and switch to solid dish soap! Doing the dishes probably still won’t be the highlight of your day, but at least you will know you are doing something good for the planet while you scrub!